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This is the website of Dr. Yusuke YokoyamaÅfs laboratory at the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo. We primarily research climatic and oceanic environmental changes by applying geochemical methods. Our major research themes are: environmental changes in Antarctica, environmental changes in mid- and low-latitude regions, solar activities and earthÅfs magnetic field anomaly, solid earth variations and surface environmental changes.

Research Topics

We are interested in how earth systems have been changing for the past two million years, which is considered as a Ågrecent eraÅh on a geochemistry time scale. The earth consists of elements such as solid earth (crust, mantle, core) and magnetosphere in addition to atmosphere, hydrosphere and cryosphere. They have been interacting with each other over a varied time scale and are creating phenomena on earthÅfs surface.

To reveal each complicated subsystemÅfs impacts, we collect samples in the field, analyze them at our laboratory, interpret the data and discuss quantitatively. We advance our research to reveal the past climatic events at the highest resolution which will contribute to the prediction and discussion of future climate and earth system changes.

  1. Environmental Changes in Antarctica
  2. Environmental Changes at Mid- and Low- Latitude
  3. Solar Activity and EarthÅfs Magnetic Field Anomaly
  4. Variability of Solid Earth and Surface Environment

Research Project

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